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Find tips, hip nursing clothes, and lactation support in our online breastfeeding magazine designed to help you learn how to breastfeed and become a confident nursing mother.

Table of Contents:

Breastfeeding Blog Breastfeeding Blog- The Breastfeeding Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Breastfeeding Magazine Web site. Subscribe here.
Mom Chat Mom Chat Opinion Central- Have you visited our Mom Chat Opinion Central lately? Here is where you talk back, share your ideas and help others with tips, product reviews and more! Come join the fun!

Breastfeeding Fashion Finds Blog Fashion Finds Blog- See the newest breastfeeding finds in clothing, nursing pajamas, nursing bras, breastfeeding dresses, and more. We shop the for breastfeeding fashions so that busy moms don't have to!
Teething Bling Breastfeeding Magazine Necklace and Bling Shop- Check out the Nursing Necklace and Teething Bling store for Breastfeeding Magazine. We have searched for high quality and fashionable necklaces and jewelry that not only engage distracted children, but also get lots of compliments for mom!
Nursing Tops Breastfeeding Clothes- Searching for breastfeeding clothes to make nursing easier and more convenient? We found nursing shirts, nursing pajamas, cover ups and more! Here are some sexy and stylish choices for you.

How to Breastfeed How to Breastfeed-- It is not difficult to learn how to breastfeed. You will be successful if you prepare for breast feeding, have the proper support and you and your baby get a little practice.
Life with Baby Life with a Breastfeeding Baby-- Adjusting to life with a breastfed baby? Here are tips on diet, nutrition, weaning, nursing in public and more.
Breastfeeding Benefits Benefits of Breastfeeding-- The benefits of breast feeding are for everyone, but but the breastfeeding benefits for your baby alone should convince any mom that it is at least worth a good effort to try it!
Top 10 Nursing Supplies Nursing Supplies List-- Our top ten list of great nursing supplies for new mommies!

Breast Milk Storage Expressing Breast Milk-- Expressing breast milk is essential to allowing a lot of moms to continue to breastfeed longer than they otherwise would. Here are some tips on how to do it.
Breastfeeding a Toddler Extended Breastfeeding-- Is extended breastfeeding a good choice for you? Here are some facts for moms to consider.
Breastfeeding Stories Breastfeeding Stories-- Breastfeeding stories that are honest and touching from our visitors who share their own experience with other breast feeding moms here...or share your own!

Breast Pump Breast Pump Review Guide-- Need help choosing a breast pump? Let this be your breast pump review guide including breast pump ratings and reviews for today's most popular breast pumps.
Visitor Breast Pump Reviews
Product Reviews Breastfeeding Product Reviews-- Know something no new mom should be without? Want to submit your breastfeeding product reviews? Share your favorites and see what cool things other moms have found that you might love too!

Working Mom Breastfeeding Tips for Working Mothers-- Going back to work? Here are some breast feeding tips, advice, and help for working mothers who want to continue to breastfeed their children after they go back to work.
Working at Home How are Breastfeeding Moms Working at Home?-- Want to join the many moms working at home? Here is how WE did it!

Birth Control What Drugs and Medications are OK for Breast Feeding Moms-- Need help knowing what drugs and medications that you can take while nursing? Here are some answers for nursing mothers
Breast Infections Breastfeeding Problems and Challenging Situations-- Having breastfeeding problems? Then here are some helpful tips for anyone needing help.
Frustrated Mom Questions about Breastfeeding-- Answers to your frequently asked questions about breastfeeding to help you nurse your baby with confidence. Archived Questions About:
General Questions | Weaning | Relactation | Pumping Breast Milk
Ask Breastfeeding Questions

Beautiful Art Breastfeeding Gallery-- Our breastfeeding gallery is filled with art, beautiful photos, breastfeeding videos and more! We will share ones that we love, artist galleries and visitor submissions that you share!
Lactation Videos Video Resources: Our Top Choices for Lactation Videos-- If you want to actually see how to breastfeed by watching a breastfeeding video, here are two lactation videos that we recommend and some online to watch now.
Parent Resources Helpful Parenting Resource Links-- Breastfeeding, Parenting and Child Health Links to Use as Your Parenting Resource Guide. We Even Have Some Fun Links Too!
Breastfeeding Magazine Site Map for Breastfeeding Magazine-- Looking for something at Breastfeeding Magazine? Find it in our Site Map!