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Allegra and Breastfeeding Safety


You do not have to worry about Allegra and breastfeeding safety if you need to take allergy medication while nursing your little one.

I know countless moms who have taken Allegra throughout their entire pregnancies and continued without any issues while nursing.

The fact is that many breastfeeding moms regularly use antihistamines, sometimes in combination with decongestants, for cold symptoms or seasonal allergies.

The older families of antihistamines–diphenhydramine (Benadryl), chlorpheniramine(Chlor-Trimeton), and brompheniramine(Dimetapp)–may produce sedation in infants but not always. That is not the case with Allegra. It is nonsedating, and therefore will not predispose them to breathing difficulties caused by some other choices!

One Caution for You

Watch carefully if using Allegra-D. This version has pseudoephedrine added (which is AAP approved) but may effect your milk supply!

If you start to notice a decrease, you may want to try to switch to the pseudoephedrine-free version as soon as you can, but most mom’s don’t notice a change at all.

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