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Breastfeeding and a Working Career



Jada’s breastfeeding story of having it all:
Breastfeeding and a Working Career
(New Jersey, USA)

Working and Breastfeeding

I am a working mother and I am proud to say that I nursed my baby for more than 8 months.

After delivery I was very reluctant to work thinking about the difficulties of breastfeeding my baby. But my husband was very encouraging and he gave me the confidence to go to work after 4 months of delivery.

I am a strong advocate of breastfeeding. I believe that a baby’s primary food till at least 6 months to be mother’s milk.

The distance between my house and office was too much for me. The first thing my husband suggested was changing the job. But I did not want to change my company. Then we took a major decision. We changed our house nearer to my office.

Every morning I would feed her and leave for office. My mother was there to help us at that point of time. She used to take care of her. Many days I came in between to feed her. It was a bit difficult at times but somehow I managed.

On days when I had more work, I used to keep the milk in bottle in the fridge and my mother used to give her at room temperature. Only on very few days I had done that.

My senior was also a very understanding person. So I did not face much problem on that front. In between my office gave me assignments which I could work from home. Thus my daughter got all my attention. I would never have forgiven myself if I had deprived her of her milk. But now I am a happy mother with a great career.

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