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I Knew I Would Breastfeed



Breastfeeding Story Submitted by: Laura S.
(Michigan, United States)

I knew I would breastfeed long before I ever got pregnant. I was aware of the benefits for a healthy baby and looked forward to the intimacy and closeness I had heard described by other mothers.

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My son was born via a scheduled c-section and my husband brought him to me only 45 minutes after his birth to nurse.

My time in the hospital was excruciating. The nurses all chastised me when I wasn’t feeding at the right times or for long enough. At one point, I had three nurses around me, unsuccessfully trying to rouse my sleepy son to feed.

The minute we walked in the door to our home, it all just clicked. He ate when he was hungry and the only concern I had was a painful latch due to my son being mildly tongue-tied. At the hospital they told me they could clip his frenulum and allow his tongue to protrude out over his bottom gum, I felt likethat would be a terrible thing to do to an infant, so I refused.

At my son’s one-month check-up, he had gained 2 1/2 lbs. over his birth weight and was doing great, except I told the pediatrician of the pain I felt during feeding (lanolin helped tremendously though).

She described the clipping procedure again, and after hearing that a short frenulum could lead to possible speech problems later in life, we agreed to the procedure.

It happened immediately, right in the office. I was so nervous, but my son did not flinch and appeared not to even notice the clipping. Over the next several days, the pain went away and it was a hoot to watch my son explore his newly-discovered tongue, sticking it in and out of his mouth like a pro. The pain went away and we have enjoyed a wonderful breastfeeding experience ever since.

In addition, I also pump breast milk and find it to be a huge benefit for two reasons:

1) my husband gets to enjoy the intimacy of feeding our son (who never experienced any nipple confusion – the first bottle was given at 3 1/2 weeks,)and

2) it allows me to get out for several hours and assures my son is still receiving the tremendous health benefits of mother’s milk.

I would encourage any mother who chooses to breastfeed to give it at least 8 weeks of trying before giving up – it’s well worth it!

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