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Scared of Sagging Breasts?


Breastfeedng does not cause sagging breasts
Scared to breastfeed because of sagging breasts? A new study says not to worry! Go ahead and breastfeed those kids!
Beautiful pregnant momA new University of Kentucky study shows that breast feeding does not increase sagging of women’s breasts. A plastic surgeon named Dr. Brian Rinker studied 132 patients at UK Health Care Cosmetic Surgery Associates.

They found great news for us. The study concluded that breastfeeding does not affect breast shape or cause sagging.

In fact, they found no difference in the amount sagging between those who breastfed their children and for those women who bottle fed.

Some other things, however, did seem to cause breasts to sag more. These included patient age, whether or not the mother smoked and the number of pregnancies.

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