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Best Breast Pump for Large Breasts – How to Choose A Pump



Best Breast Pump for Large BreastsAll breast pumps are not the same.  You should be especially careful when choosing the best breast pump for large breasts.  The best choice will not only be more comfortable, but also will produce more milk for your baby.

Why Does it Matter?

We have heard from both friends and site visitors that they struggled to get any milk out with their pumps or that they tried for 20 minutes and only got a few ounces.  That can be very frustrating!  Often when we address the problem we find that it is one of two things and switching one or both of them can make a world of difference.

Which Two Things Matter for Large-Breasted Moms?

The two things that matter when choosing the best breast pump for large breasts is:

The Best Breast Pump for Large Breasts

In most cases with breast pumps (as with many things in life) you do get what you pay for.  There are certain brands that have a better reputation for having high-quality breast pumps than others.  We suggest that you stick with a Medela pump because they are proven to be of high quality, to be efficient for pumping and they are VERY effective getting a good amount of milk out!  Because it is a double-pump, you can also effectively pump both breasts at the same time to save time which is important to ANY new mom!

It comes in 3 different versions…any of which will work well for a mom with larger breasts:

 Medela Pump in Style with On the Go Tote Medela Pump In Style Breast Pump Backpack Medela Pump In Style Starter Set & Accessories


It is also important to note that Medela is one of the only companies that offers so many sizes of breast shields…which is the other factor that is important for breastfeeding moms with larger breasts .

Breast Shield Sizes Matter

The right breast shield size can mean a whole of difference in how a breast pump works, how much milk you get and how comfortable it is to pump.

One mom said:

“On Monday, with the medium sized shields, I pumped the usual 4 or so ounces a session. On Tuesday, with the XLs, I pumped over 6. On Wednesday, I pumped over 7. My daily yield from pumping went from 15 ounces or less to over 21 in just two days. So, properly fitting shields makes a huge difference. I am very happy.”

You need to pick the size that fits your breasts best.  The Medela pumps come with the medium size sheilds, but you should swap those out for the right size for you!  They are not very expensive to order online, so you should pick the size so that the hole where your nipple gets sucked into the shield needs to be as large as your areola. That will be the size least likely to hurt and get you the most breast milk.  Medela breast shields come in 5 different sizes (21 mm, 24 mm, 27 mm, 30 mm, and 36 mm.)

 Medela PersonalFit Breastshield (2) Size: Large (27 mm) Medela PersonalFit Breastshields (2), Size: X-Large (30mm) Medela Personalfit Breastshield, XX-large (36mm)


*** It is important to note that the shields do NOT work with  the Medela Single Deluxe Breast Pump but will work for all other Medela Pumps (including the Pump In Style, the Freestyle, Lactina, Double Deluxe, and Single Select) except they will not work with Single Deluxe breast pump.

Click here to check current prices on the popular XL Medela breast shields.

Happy Pumping!  🙂

Best Breast Pump for Large Breasts