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The Best Nursing Bra is a Good Fit (Even for a Changing Body!)



How to Get the Best Nursing Bra Fit

So your breasts seem to change almost daily, so how do you get the best nursing bra for you when your body is changing ALL THE TIME?  The best bra is the one that gives you the best fit even with the changes and makes it easy for you to nurse anywhere you and your baby go.

So How Exactly Do You Get a Good Fit?

The first thing you need to do is to measure yourself for the best fit. Many websites that sell nursing bras have measurement calculators which you can use to find out what your correct nursing bra size.

Once you have your measurements you can then find the perfect nursing bra. The biggest difference between nursing bras and regular bras are that nursing bras have cups that can either fold down or off to the side to expose the breast for breastfeeding a baby. New moms want nursing bras that are easy to access for nursing, look good and fit great.

Poor Fitting Bras

A bad fitting bra can cause problems such as increasing the risk for plugged ducts which can lead to mastitis, a very painful breast infection that requires antibiotics normally to treat and cure. This is because a poor fitting bra can cause undue pressure on the milk ducts and sets them up for infections.Most women do not buy the right size nursing bra. Most will try to guess and will come up with the wrong measurements. Most will increase the band size and keep the same cup size. Normally though it’s not the band size that needs increasing but the bust or cup size.

If the normal band size is too tight and uncomfortable, then increase it. However, normally you will go up anywhere from one to three or more cup sizes when breastfeeding. (Don’t be surprised when your tops don’t fit!)

Comfort is Everything for the Best Nursing Bras

Wrap N Snap nursing braTo achieve a perfect fit you want to aim for the best in comfort and that means a bra that is absorbent (because when nursing you will produce a lot of milk that may leak) and a bra that fits, yet will not bind and hinder milk production and flow.

Steer clear of nursing bras that have stretchy bands and straps. Because they will stretch out of shape and will lend less support over time. You need a bra that has the band and straps made of fabric that will not stretch. The only part of the bra that should stretch are the cups. This is because a nursing mom’s breasts will change in size that will correspond with the eating habits of their baby, with their milk production, etc. The size can change throughout the day as well as over weeks and months.

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The Band Size Should Be Adjustable!

The best nursing bra options are adjustable in the band, offering the ability to increase and decrease the band size as needed. The best fabrics are cotton and cotton blends. Look for ones with Lycra for stretchiness.

To find the best nursing bra fit, it may be helpful to inquire with a professional certified bra fitter which you may find at department stores or shops that sell bras and nursing bras. If it’s your first nursing bra, be sure to try it on before purchasing it if you can. Even if you plan to purchase one online, maybe visit a shop that sells them and try one on just to nail down your bra size.

Different Brand Have Different Fits

Like anything with clothing, different brands may fit differently. Remember too when trying on bras that you may be wearing nursing pads, so make sure you either have them with you, or make allowance for them.

You will definitely wear the nursing pads at first until your milk is well established and you can control the “let down” (coming in of the milk) a bit better. Some can discontinue the pads after a couple of months, and some of us need them the entire time! Every mom is different.

Keep trying until you find one that is perfect for your unique body.  Because when you find the perfect fit….you will know it.  It will feel like a second skin no matter how your keeps body changing!

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So your breasts seem to change almost daily, so how do you get the best nursing bra for you when your body is changing ALL THE TIME?