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Breastfeeding and Bonding with your Baby



A visitor named Carole talks about breastfeeding and bonding
with your baby in her breastfeeding story.

bonding your baby

I always wanted to breast feed my babies, but was unable to breastfeed my first three children.

When I had my fourth child my husband and I decided I quit my job and stay home to take care of our children.

I was delighted at the idea I would be able to breast feed my newest child. Since I had never done this before I felt kind of awkward, although my mom who had breastfed all of us, gave me some good tips on what to do.

First thing she told me was not to get discouraged if the baby did not want to nurse at first. But, with patience, the baby will realize where his next meal was coming from.

Those were words I would remember much later on. At one point I would get really exasperated because the baby would cry (I suppose he was hungry), but would not take the breast, but eventually it worked.

After that, it was easy to do. I let him suck for a while on one breast and then switched to the other breast. If he fell asleep I let him sleep and took the opportunity snooze myself, since at night it was almost impossible. I would put a pillow under the baby and rested my legs on an ottoman. In this way, I was sure that the baby would not slip off my arms in case I fell asleep.

This was a wonderful experience for me. I really felt I bonded more with this child than I had with the other three. I decided if I ever had another one I would definitely breast feed again.

My baby continued to breast feed even after he started on his baby food. I would let him breast feed for about 5 minutes on each breast after his meals and also before putting him down for the night. I think he was weaned at about 8 months. Today, he is in his late 20’s and he is a healthy and happy man.

I recommend new moms to try breastfeeding. It is an experience you will remember forever of bonding with your baby.

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