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“Will I have problems breastfeeding with breast implants?”


Problems breastfeeding with breast implants are possible, but unlikely.

However, there are two major concerns with implants and breastfeeding: whether the breast will still produce milk and if breastfeeding with implants is safe for the baby.
The first big concern is where the incision was made to insert the implants into the breasts and the overall skill of the surgeon. According to one expert, “Incisions made in the fold below the breast rarely interfere with breastfeeding. Incisions made in the armpits – if the surgeon is careful to avoid nerves – are not likely to interfere.”

There is a concern, however, that if the nerves or breast tissue are damaged, (this most often happens if the incision is made around the areola) that mommies may have issues with making enough breastmilk.

In addition, some scarring from the surgery may also make breastfeeding uncomfortable or even painful at times.

As far as safety for your baby, the newer saline implants are not generally considered to pose any real risks. However, studies are a little less clear regarding the older silicone implants.

Don’t let this discourage you from breastfeeding! One of my girlfriends nursed her daughter after having breast augmentation without any problems from the implants. (Her only complaint was about her implants after breastfeeding…she had to get them “filled” because the pregnancy had “stretched” everything back out!)

We agree with the experts who feel that benefits of breastfeeding far outweigh any risk of problems and encourage mommies who have implants to at least try breastfeeding. You will most likely be very happy that you did.

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