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Breastfeeding and Arousal


Visitor Question: Is it normal to become really aroused while nursing your baby?

I thought it would go away and the only effect on her is she seems to choke a lot because when I get aroused milk just comes out faster than she can swallow- it even comes out of the other breast and we both get drenched and I cant stop it from happening.

My breasts have always been a source of arousal. Is there something wrong with me?

I am embarrassed to ask anyone else.

Breastfeeding Magazine Response: It is very normal for mothers to have this reaction to breastfeeding. It does not mean that you are unfit or a bad mother.

On the contrary, you have continued to breastfeed, even when something like this makes you uncomfortable.

The reason that this is happening is because the same hormone that stimulates ejection of milk from the nipples is the one hormone that is released during intimacy.

There is a great article explaining it here:

I hope that helps to reassure you that this is not uncommon and by no means something to be ashamed of.

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