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Life with a Breastfeeding Baby


Life with a breastfeeding baby

Are you a new mom who is adjusting to life with a breastfeeding baby? Follow the links below for tips on diet, nutrition, weaning, nursing in public and more to help ease the transition from pregnant mother to confident mommy!

Feeding Baby

  • Exclusive Nursing–Find out why the CDC, AAP, and WHO want your baby to try exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months.
  • Starting Solids–When should a breastfeeding baby start solids? Help here.
  • First Foods–Here is help deciding which first foods to choose for your baby.
  • Vitamin D Supplements–How to know if your baby needs supplements of vitamin D.
  • Baby Led Weaning–Here is a look at baby led weaning to help you to determine if it is right way for your baby to start solid foods.
  • Expecting Twins— Learn how to breastfeed twins so that it is not only possible, but also is enjoyable and rewarding, too!


Breastfeeding Schedules


Diet and Nutrition for Mamas!

Breastfeeding In Public

  • Public Breastfeeding Tips–Learn tricks and tips to confidently nurse your baby in public or anywhere your life takes you.




Other Special Needs and Situations that Require a Little Extra Care and Effort

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