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Breastfeeding Clothes and Fashion Favorites for Nursing Moms


Searching for breastfeeding clothes to make nursing easier and more convenient? You don’t have to give up style!   We found shirts, nursing pajamas, cover ups and more!

We have gathered together some of the best options in breastfeeding apparel that you will love and still feel sexy and attractive.

So whether you will be nursing for a few months or extended breastfeeding for years, these choices will have you doing it in style!

Breastfeeding Fashion Best Bets

Sexy Breastfeeding DressSassy Breastfeeding Tops and Shirts
Want easy-access breastfeeding combined with fabulous style? Then check out our must-have tops and shirts.

Sexy Nursing Dress Favorites
Got an upcoming party or get-together and want a fabulously sexy, but functional nursing dress? Here are some great choices in dresses that we found!

Support Breastfeeding with These Shirts!
Want to show the world that you support breastfeeding? Here are some great breastfeeding advocacy shirts we found from Cafe Press! They are so fun to wear and make other moms smile!

Nursing Pajamas Favorites
Want to know what nursing pajamas breastfeeding mothers love? Here are some fabulous choices from several of our favorite stores.

Nursing Gown Favorites
Who says nursing gowns are not sexy? Our favorites are not only functional, but also absolutely beautiful! Want to find out where to you can find the best options for you?

Sexy Nursing Bras
Check out what we think are the sexiest nursing bras available!

Great baby slingsNursing Covers
Great cover ups that look great with any outfit? Don’t go hide to breastfeed. Stay out in public, be discreet, and look fabulous! Here are our readers’ favorite breastfeeding cover ups to help you.
Nursing Necklace

Slings and Baby Wraps for Hip Moms
Want a stylish sling to wear that baby in? See out favorites here.

Nursing Necklaces that Moms (and babies!) Love
Want stylish jewelry that also makes nursing a distracted baby easier? Check out our Nursing Necklace Shop.




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