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Breastfeeding Cover Ups and Nursing Covers: Reader’s Top Choices



Top Breastfeeding CoversWant a fashionable and discreet way to breastfeed in public? The only nursing covers that I ever saw when I first started nursing were boring and frumpy. The last thing I wanted to do in public was pull out a blanket or cover up that looked like it was fifty years old!

Luckily, things have changed. Now they have breastfeeding covers that actually compliment what you are wearing and are extremely stylish.

I suggest buying at least two: One in a fun sassy print and one in a fancier “out-on-the-town” print or fabric . (Having two also is useful if one is still waiting in the laundry when it is time to go out again!)

Reader’s 5 Favorite Breastfeeding Cover-Ups:

Multi-Use Infinity Stretchy Shawl/Scarf

Nursing Breastfeeding Cover Scarf - Baby Car Seat Canopy, Shopping Cart, Stroller, Carseat Covers for Girls and Boys - Best Multi-Use Infinity Stretchy Shawl

If you like practical, you’ll love this versatile shawl. You can wear it around your neck as a stylish scarf that gives your outfit some pizzazz, and it’s always ready to stretch over your chest and serve as a protective cover for your nursing baby. When it’s time to load the baby into the car, use the scarf as a convenient car seat cover that shields your little one from sunlight, rain and germ-covered hands that may otherwise want to touch their cute little cheeks.
As if that weren’t practical enough, you can also use this scarf as a cart seat cover when you’re shopping. It covers the shopping cart so that your baby’s hands aren’t touching the germ-covered, cold metal. When you return home, simply toss the scarf in the wash so that it’s ready to shield your baby for another day out in the world.
This scarf has a black and white striped pattern that will look great with a variety of clothing styles. It’s made from a stretchy material that is easy to use in many real-world situations. From covering the front of the stroller on a windy day to ensuring your breastfeeding sessions are always discreet, this is the scarf that does it all. Click here to check current prices on Amazon…

Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover with Ruffle Detail

Hooter Hiders Nursing Cover with Ruffle Detail

While you can’t hang this nursing cover around your neck and head out the door in style, it does come in a variety of designs that are colorful and stylish. Every cover up comes with a coordinating carry bag that makes it easy to toss the cover up into the bottom of a stroller, into your vehicle or even into your purse or nursing bag. When your little one’s belly starts rumbling, hang it around your neck and breastfeed in complete confidence.

While the attractive patterns set the Hooter Hiders nursing cover apart from many competitors, there are some additional features that make it an even better pick. It starts with the unique opening at the top that allows you to look down and make eye contact with your nursing baby. This is the personal connection with your baby that is often sacrificed when breastfeeding in public.

This 100% cotton cover up also features an oversized design that will comfortably fit women of all sizes. For versatility, try laying it on a flat surface for use as a blanket or wrapping it around a car seat or stroller opening for protection from sunlight.  Click here to see options and prices at Figure8Maternity.

Breathable Cotton Breastfeeding Apron

Nursing Cover - Breathable Cotton Breastfeeding Apron – Purple Floral Pattern - Baby Feeding

This nursing cover is similar to the Hooter Hiders nursing cover, but it looks and feels more like a warm blanket with a comfortable neck strap. This apron also makes some improvements to the basic Hooter Hiders design. For instance, the apron has a rigid neckline that allows you to make eye contact with your baby or simply check on them for safety purposes, but this neckline is adjustable. You adjust the first strap around your neck to keep the apron at the most comfortably height, and then a second strap at your side adjusts to keep the apron in place.

This apron is made from 100% organic cotton that is always soft and safe for your baby, and you can toss it in the washing machine when needed. It comes in a variety of colorful patterns and includes a carry bag that makes it easy to take out of the house. You can also use this cover as a blanket when you want to let your baby sleep or sit while at the park or in many other locations.  Check prices on Amazon.com.

Bebe Au Lait Organic Cotton Nursing Cover

Bebe Au Lait Organic Cotton Nursing Cover

This is another option if you like the general design of the Hooter Hiders nursing cover. The material is a soft 100% organic cotton, and the cover comes in classy designs with elegant color choices. The neckline is designed to securely hold the cover in place while the patented neckline opens just enough to give you a clear view of your nursing baby. The oversized design ensures that the cover is adequate for most breastfeeding mothers.

Using this organic cotton cover up is simple. Adjust the neckline so that the cover stays at the right height for your baby, slide the baby underneath, and let the feeding begin.  Check prices and styles at Figure8Maternity.com

Kiddo Care Nursing Cover Infinity Nursing Scarf for Breastfeeding

Kiddo Care Nursing Cover Infinity Nursing Scarf for Breastfeeding (Elegant Grey)

If there is a nursing scarf that will tempt you to buy more than one, this is probably it. It’s the ultimate infinity scarf that provides a touch of style for mom and a lot of protection for baby. Wrap it around your neck as an accessory for your outfit, or wear it as a halter top or a fun blouse. When your little one needs it more, use it as a convenient breastfeeding cover. It provides complete coverage, but the lightweight cotton blend fabric ensures that your little one isn’t overheated underneath.

You can also use this versatile scarf to cover the opening of car seats and strollers, giving your little one the privacy needed for a good nap or protection from sunlight and light rain. You may also use it to cover the seat in a shopping cart, and you’ll probably find many other practical uses once you get it out in the real world.

The next time you look at a beautiful scarf, you may see it as more than an accessory to your favorite pant suit or blue jeans. Pick up a few cover ups that fit your style, and you’ll always have a discreet way to fill an empty belly while keeping the beat of your active lifestyle.  Check out color options and prices here…

The Best Breastfeeding Cover Ups Make Breastfeeding Fast, Easy & Stylish

While we think every mom should feel comfortable breastfeeding in public with or without a nursing cover, stylish cover ups are in great demand because many moms just feel more comfortable covering up. Find one (or two) that work for you and feel free to breastfeed whenever and wherever you feel comfortable. Baby has got to eat!


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