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Breastfeeding Holds and Comfortable Positions



There are many different breastfeeding holds that are comfortable for nursing mothers and their babies. The breastfeeding positions that work for you may be different than the breastfeeding holds that a friend prefers. My favorites changed as they grew and I got more creative and confident with breastfeeding.

Popular Breastfeeding Positions:

Here are some of the most common choices:

1. Cradle hold

Breastfeeding Cradle Hold Position

This position is kind of like snuggling the baby close. You want to lay your baby on your arm, with her head towards the bend of your arm and her feet to that her belly is next to yours and her body is in a line across the front of you.

This is the most common way to see woman nursing their babies, especially in public.


2. Football hold
Breastfeeding Football Hold Position

While many women try this, this breastfeeding position is most helpful for moms who have had a recent C-section and still have a sore stomach.

If you are seated in a chair, position your baby on a pillow, tucked close to your side with his head facing your breast and feet facing the back of the chair. Rest your arm on the pillow (I used a Boppy!) to bring your baby’s mouth up to your breast, his body snuggled to your side, while supporting his head with your hand.

3. Side-lying hold

Breastfeeding Side Lying Position

This position is also helpful if you had a C-section, co-sleep with your child or want to stay rested while nursing your baby. (Our editor’s oldest daughter used this 90% of the time!)

Lie down on the side of the breast that you will be nursing your baby from. Use arm on the side that you are laying on to support your head or to prop a pillow to it.

Use your other hand to bring your baby to your breast. (This is especially helpful if you are sleepy and are afraid of falling asleep when nursing.)

Get Comfortable!

Experiment with breastfeeding positions that are the most comfortable for you. You may find that it depends on where you are, what you are doing and even how tired you are! Just experiment and enjoy. These are special times for you and your little one!

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