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About Breastfeeding Magazine:


Dear friends,

Breastfeeding Magazine was started by me, (our editor and main writer) Sheri Frey, in order to encourage and support women who are interested in or are currently breastfeeding their precious children.


When I started nursing, I typically encountered two radically-different types of breastfeeding advice:

1. Those who felt that not breastfeeding bordered on child abuse,


2. Those who said “Aren’t you done breastfeeding yet?” from the moment that I started!

I decided that I wanted to find a way to provide some non-judgmental support, information and encouragement to help women to make well-informed decisions for themselves about breastfeeding.

I found this great system called Site Build It that helped me (someone who knew nothing about programming or websites!) create the online magazine that you are reading today!

When I was first pregnant and breastfeeding, I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by a small group of really supportive women who helped me through everything from getting started to breast infections to breast pump recommendations.

Unfortunately, I truly believe that this support is what many other women lack. In fact, the Center for Disease Control’s statistics claim that although 75% of us start breastfeeding at our baby’s birth, only 30% are still nursing at 12 weeks. The statistics are even lower for some groups of mothers. (For the latest research on breastfeeding disparities, click here.)

Why does this happen? Lack of support…but we are hoping to help fill that gap!

I personally believe that with good information, a supportive environment and the right resources-many more women would choose to breastfeed their children.

So between me, my friends, our contributing writers and your contributions to the site…we hope that you find our site packed with super-cool products for stylish mommies, helpful health information and tons of encouragement as you confidently choose to breastfeed your sweet children.

You will be glad that you did.

God bless-

Sheri Frey

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