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Breastfeeding Mom–Not a Superhero



by Mary Walker
(Racine, Wisconsin)

Visitor Breastfeeding Story: With my firstborn, I had a long hard labor, followed by a c-section. So the first time I went to nurse her, not only was I falling asleep, but my arms were numb from the spinal. I couldn’t even hold her up.

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I laugh as I think of it. I kept telling my midwife, I can’t do this. She thought I was talking about breastfeeding, but I was talking about holding my daughter.

I could barely move my arms! After a while we gave up, and went to sleep. Nursing was pretty hard for us the first week, because my daughter and I were both so tired. But we kept at it, and together, we figured it out.

Ah the beauty of it!

At about 6 weeks nursing, I started to feel crazy. With your first kid, everything is new, so you have no idea what to expect. For about a week I felt more and more crazy.

At the end of the week i realized that I hadn’t really been eating, and especially not any protein. As soon as I ate some protein, sanity seemed to slowly ooze back into my body.

I took the lesson I learned pretty seriously, and started eating healthy again. (Mental note to self: brownies make you fat, protein makes you strong. Don’t skip the second to make room for the first.)

My next big bump was at about 7 months. We had moved to a new state. We went from living in our own house, to living in the bedroom of a friends house. There was a lot of stress from moving and I nearly lost my milk.

I had to slow down, force myself to drink water. Oh, and I grounded myself to my bedroom.

As a mom, it can be hard to admit that I’m not a superhero… that I have physical limitations.

Despite it being hard, I was honest with my husband about my exhaustion and stress levels. He help me to slow down, and most importantly, to re-prioritize my life. And we passed that stress test without giving up!

Nursing isn’t easy, its a huge responsibility. But its one of the best gifts you can give to your children. You will face problems, but you can overcome them.

Things that you expect to be one way and end up being completely different: like the first bonding experience. Attitudes and mentalities that you have picked up that you have to re-think. Physical obstacles.

All the problems I faced while breastfeeding taught me about life: how to take care of myself, communicate my needs, and prioritize the things that really are a priority. It was also a beautiful way to begin our relationship as mother and daughter. Now, my 2 year old daughter is happily weaned, and now I making new breastfeeding stories with my son 9 month old.

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