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Breastfeeding Problems and Challenging Situations and Solutions


breastfeeding problems

Having breastfeeding problems or a challenging situation that may require extra care to breastfeed? Then here are some helpful breastfeeding tips for you!  Problems can happen to all of us.  Sometimes we encounter circumstances or challenges that need a little extra care.

As wonderful as it can be, difficulties or challenges are not totally uncommon but we don’t want you to give up!  While the first days/months of breastfeeding can have its challenges, it really is what is best for your baby and for you as well!

The best thing to do in these cases is find a supportive friend or lactation consultant that can help you through the hard times. The benefits of nursing your children far outweigh the challenges that we mommies sometimes face in the process.

We have put together some resources that may help.

Common Issues, Complications and Breastfeeding Problems:

Here are some common issues that mother’s might face and some suggestions on how to deal with them.

Medical Issues for Moms:

Milk Supply Issues:

Stages of Development:

Medical Issues for Babies:

Other Issues:

Has your issue not been addressed here?  We have a whole section of questions and answers from moms just like you.  Click here to see if your questions or concern might appear there.

Breastfeeding Problems and Challenging Situations - Solved!


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