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Breastfeeding Stories

Breastfeeding stories from other moms can be really encouraging.  Sometimes as moms we feel like we are the only ones who seem to be going through the things in our lives (good or bad) and that no one else understands.  Reading stories from real moms like us can help remind us that we are not alone.  Other moms are out there cheering for us to succeed as well!

Featured Breastfeeding Stories:

Here are some honest and touching breastfeeding stories from our visitors who share their own experience with other breastfeeding moms here…

More Recent Breastfeeding Stories Other Visitors Have Shared:

Real moms share their breastfeeding stories of struggles and success.Breastfeeding While Sick with Whooping Cough
Visitor Story: I breast fed my first child, a girl, for a year and a half with little to no trouble. Apart from the occasional bite!  When I gave …

Tandem Twins
Visitor Story of Breastfeeding Twins: When my husband and I found out we were having identical twins, we obviously panicked. The idea of taking care …

Breastfeeding- We both loved it!!

Visitor Breastfeeding Story: Never once did I ever consider using a bottle. Even way before I was pregnant it was something I was so sure …

Workin’ It as a Breastfeeding Mama
Visitor Working and Breastfeeding Story: The first 3 months with my son were sheer bliss. I nursed him on demand, and he never had a bottle. Our bond …

Breastfeeding Mom–Not a Superhero
Visitor Breastfeeding Story: With my firstborn, I had a long hard labor, followed by a c-section. So the first time I went to nurse her, not only …

I Love Breastfeeding Lydia
Visitor Breastfeeding Story: When i found out i was pregnant i never intend to breastfeed as i felt embarrassed by the thought of it.  Nearing the …

Breastfeeding My Adopted Baby
Visitor Breastfeeding Story: My body was constantly failing me. I struggled to get pregnant for three years. I went through infertility treatments …

Determined to Breastfeed Baby #4
Hi my name Keva, I’m a mom of four kids and decided to breastfeed my last one who is 3months old.

With my previous children I was young and young minded,…

Breastfeeding Highs and Lows
Visitor Story: Hey everyone reading this! I just wanted to share a few of the fabulous and not so things about feeding my little boy 🙂  You …

Breatfeeding Toddler Twins, Nursing and the Moon
Visitor Extending Breastfeeding Story: Every once in awhile, a window opens up that allows us to see the cosmic significance of our parenting.  You …

Following my Passion to Breastfeed
Visitor Breastfeeding Story: Breastfeeding has always been an instinct. Since I was young I knew my body was designed to nurse children even though …

Breastfeeding: A Complicated Business
Visitor Breastfeeding Story: In my breastfeeding video clips, there’s a part when the nurse arrives with my son so I can feed him for the first time,…

Breastfeeding: I can do it. You can too.
Visitor Breastfeeding Story: As soon as i knew i was going to become a mom, i knew then i wanted to breastfeed.
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Breastfeeding: What an Amazing Journey
Visitor Breastfeeding Story: With my first boy I was only 20 when I had him at the time we were living with my in-laws which was hard but paved our …

Breastfeeding While I’m Pregnant with Baby Number 4
Visitor Breastfeeding Story: I have 3 kids and one in my belly now (as far as I know its ONE in my belly–i hope hahahaha)  Well any ways my lil …

Breastfeeding Twins
Visitor Breastfeeding Story: My twin sons are now 15 and are healthy, bright, well-adjusted young men.  They were born at 37.5 weeks, weighing just …

Blessings of Breastfeeding For One Year
Visitor Breastfeeding Story: June 13th 2010 marked a year of nursing for Gabriella and I. Looking back I would of never thought to have got this far….

Extended Breastfeeding is worth it
Visitor Breastfeeding Story: I was in my 40s when I had my son. I was extremely happy and grateful to have the chance to enjoy motherhood. From the …

Georgene shares her experience nursing a baby in intensive care.

A visitor named Carole shares how she bonded with her 4th child after bottle feeding the first three.

Marie’s story of struggle and success.

Claire explains the benefits of human milk as she shares with us her breastfeeding story.

Monica’s story about the closeness of breastfeeding even after going back to work and expressing breast milk.

Kathleen explains why breastfeeding can be tough in her nursing story.

Laura’s story of how she knew she would breastfeed.

Patrica encourages moms who are beginning to breastfeed in her story.

Terri’s story of how she breastfed in public despite criticism!

Kelly shares the things she learned while breastfeeding in her story.

Breastfeeding My Newborn submitted by Heather.

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Michelle’s story of how she nursed twin boys

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Christina’s story of breastfeeding a preemie in the NICU

Julie’s story of her different experiences breastfeeding each child

Megan’s story of why breastfeeding was best for her son.

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Breastfeeding and a Working Career by a working mom named Jada

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Extended Breastfeeding was the Best Choice

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Dad’s Story. Supporting a wife who breastfeed their children and was a wet nurse for another!

Working and Nursing Story. (She even takes the baby to work!)

Kangaroo Care and Breastfeeding

Favorite Things about Breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding Success Stories

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