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Breastfeeding Triplets?



Rose shares her story about providing breast milk to her premature babies instead of separately breastfeeding triplets. 
Submitted by Rose (Georgia, USA)

When I learned that I would be having triplets I was positive that breast feeding them would be impossible. So I started doing my research and the more I researched and educated myself the more I knew that not only could I do it was very important that I breast feed them. Triplets do not make it to a full term pregnancy, resulting in the babies being in the NICU. Premature babies thrive and will fair better if they have the chance to get breast milk. It was not a choice for me when I read this.

I was given the option to rent a hospital grade pump, I knew that breastfeeding triplets at one time would be impossible, So I made the decision to pump and give them the bm in a bottle. I started pumping within hours of them being born, they were able to receive my breast milk right away.

Breastfeeding Triplets

In the beginning I was able to keep up with them, after all they did not eat that much 5CC’s to start. However, there did come a time that I could not produce enough milk for all of them, so I had to supplement with formula. I was able to provide them with pumped breast milk till they were nine months old. At which time my doctors told me I had to stop, it was taking too much out of me, I was anemic and had to have two pints of blood when they were born. I was almost to the point of needing a third bag. Plus I had lost way too much weight.

I was able to provide them with so much milk by pumping for twenty minutes every time they ate. Yes this was a huge time commitment for me, this meant that I would feed each of them a bottle and then go pump for 20 minutes at every feeding, even the night ones. I knew the sacrifice I was making for them was well worth it.

If I can manage this so can you..

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