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Katie’s Story of why breastfeeding was easy.
(Katie, Virginia, US)

Premature baby

My daughter was born to me when I was 37. She came a month premature and was under five pounds. Prior to her birth, I had decided that I would do whatever worked. I had not bought any bottles, but really wasn’t averse to having to use formula.

She breast fed very easily. She took to it quite well. While we did have a visit from the hospital lactation consultant, there really wasn’t much need. I was able to breast feed her for 3 months until I had to return to work.

During that time, it was not anything remarkable or heroic, it was just what we did. I was rather surprised at how easy and normal it was. I’ve been unable to adequately express what it was like except to say that the fears I had about it were completely unfounded. It was easy.

When I had to wean her to a bottle it was terrible. I hated it. Bottles were such a pain to deal with after breastfeeding. The formula had to be the right temperature, the bottles had to be cleaned, a screaming crying baby had to wait while you got everything together, usually in a zombie state from lack of sleep.

If I could do it again, I’d probably wait longer to abandon breastfeeding. I doubt I’d be an extended breastfeeder, but certainly longer than I was able to. As with most things in life, it is harder to make a decision before you really know what something is about. For me, breastfeeding was just what I was supposed to do and fortunately, it went very smoothly for me. I do think my attitude about it helped, but, for me, breastfeeding was easy.

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