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Breastfeeding- We both loved it!!



by Natalie Walkeden

Visitor Breastfeeding Story: Never once did I ever consider using a bottle. Even way before I was pregnant it was something I was so sure about.

My partner was very encouraging and supportive and to be honest I think that we would never of tried for a baby if there was going to be an issue about my choice of feeding.

After a long labour and emergency C section my ‘perfect’ first feeding session didn’t go to plan. I was tired, drugged up and he didn’t latch. Family and the midwife were all hovering, offering conflicting advice and I just felt confused, pressured and utterly out of it!

But never mind, Keep trying. Which is what I did for a good couple of days before I got that proper latching, draining feeling. Trying to find suitable positions was hard because of the op. Laying on my side turned out to be the best. And with the help and patience of a lovely midwife, and my partner I felt I was half way there when I was able to go home.

With the thought of formula never entering my head I carried on with what felt right and with the help of my sister with correct attachment and feeding on demand I felt I was an established breastfeeder within a couple of weeks.

I’m not saying it was easy because it wasn’t. It was tiring, demanding and sometimes felt like constant. But it was so worth it.

So much easier at night just popping the baby in bed with you and laying there for a feed. No going downstairs and heating that bottle. The cost. Nothing. The total reassurance that what I was doing was the best for my baby and I.

The convenience when out and about. In the best possible way, just whip em out!! Knowing that my cervix is shrinking back to normal quicker and I would be burning off 500 calories a day! The list goes on…

What only started out as maybe feeding for 6 months turned into a year. 6 months didn’t seem long enough and even when i got to a year it still didn’t feel right to stop. He needed it just as much as mummy needed that cuddle time and de-stressing on both parts.

The health benefits were still there. A child’s immune system is still growing strong till around 7 years.

2 and a half we stopped. Feeds were very seldom, once a day, sometimes none. He weaned himself and I’m convinced that’s why we have a happy, healthy and clever 3 year old now.

Ignore mis-informed advice and opinions from well meaning family and friends. Do what you feel is right.

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