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Breastfeeding: What an Amazing Journey



by Ruth Bradley
(Maylandsea Essex England )

Visitor Breastfeeding Story: With my first boy I was only 20 when I had him at the time we were living with my in-laws which was hard but paved our way to our future.

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Even though my labour wasn’t long it was hard work 15 days over and it seemed like our little man didn’t want to come out. Forceps did the trick.

He fed straight away for 20 minutes for me it was the best feeling in the world. I had my usual ups and downs but I wanted to succeed.

At 8 weeks it felt like I had a baby attached to me 24/7 I thought he must be too hungry. So I gave up. Knowing what I know now I regret this so much.

With my second son once again I went over by 15 days over. This birth was easier and once again he latched on and fed well. At 3 weeks he got colic and from 6-10 every night he screamed it was very upsetting I tried my best to feed him but he was getting so upset and I didn’t know what to do.

I asked my health visitor if it could be something that’s coming through my milk she said it could be but it would be worse to cut out stuff out of my diet then the baby having colic.

After 2 weeks of him screaming I gave him formula for the first time that night he didn’t scream it was such relief. I thought it must be my milk and stopped breast feeding I hated myself for stopping and every time I gave him a bottle and he turned his head to my breast it broke my heart.

With my daughter who is nearly 8 months I said I will take it day by day and not beat my self up if it didn’t work out.

She went over by 12 days but for the first time I went in too labour naturally had the most amazing birth she latched on and fed for an hour I was so happy.

This time I knew it would be different I had one day of a bit of soreness and back ache. I brought myself a support pillow and have never looked back.

Feeding her has been the most amazing journey I’m so proud to say that I’m still breastfeeding my daughter and to add to it she is 80% breastfeeding the rest is food.

Breastfeeding is now just part of my life. And I wish I had more support with my boys and this upsets me.

Breastfeeding doesn’t have to hurt or feel uncomfortable. Once you and baby get it right it’s the most rewarding feeling in the world and I don’t plan on stopping soon we both love it and that’s what matters.

What does annoy me sometimes is people attitudes. She bites me sometimes (she has 6 teeth) and people have told me to stop.

And when I say she is breastfed I sometimes get a look like pity or shock. And this makes me think about how people look at breast feeding and this is sad. It’s the most natural thing in the world. It’s beautiful!

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