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Can I get my milk to come back?

by Brenda
(Greensburg, PA )

Can I get my milk to come back?

Can I get my milk to come back?

Visitor Question: I was nursing my baby and we both got thrush. My nipples cracked and were bleeding. I could not pump because it hurt so bad.

Now that we are cleared up I want to breast feed again and so does he. I see some milk coming out but not a lot. Is there a way that I can get my milk to come back good enough to breastfeed again? I also still leak but not a lot.

Thank you, Brenda.

Breastfeeding Magazine Response: If it has only been a short time since you stopped breastfeeding, your milk will probably come back rather quickly as long as you encourage your body to produce milk.

Since breast milk is produced by supply and demand, it is important to encourage your baby to nurse often in order to signal your body to start producing more milk again.

Here are some tips to help:

1. Always offer your breasts first, before supplementing with anything else.

2. Offer your breasts as often as possible to encourage your milk to come in.

3. Try fenugreek to stimulate production.

If this does not seem to work, you may need to visit our relactation page for more help on getting your milk back and may want to consult your doctor for some additional help or medication.

Good luck!

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