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Determined to Breastfeed Baby #4



by Keva

Hi my name Keva, I’m a mom of four kids and decided to breastfeed my last one who is 3months old.

With my previous children I was young and young minded, didn’t really understand what and how good the benefits of breastfeeding really were. I told the nurses when I went in labor I wanted to breastfeed.

My labor was hard but short. I was so tired after she was born. She was with me for a hour I asked the nurse for the LC and she never came. The nurses gave me a 30 second lesson as if I was bugging them for asking for help with breastfeeding.

I was so drained and my DD was crying her eyes out so I called for the nurse and they bought me bottles. Once the baby was sleep I got me a nap and woke up 3hrs later to find my baby was in the nursery.

They didn’t wake me cause they wanted me to rest. They thought they were being polite. No I should of been woke up and given the chance to try and breastfeed. Again she was given a bottle.

Still no LC. I feel from the start the nurses doomed me and my baby at a fair shot to learn to breastfeed. On my last day 2hrs before being discharged, the LC comes to my room to make sure I come to the discharge class to get my going home gift.

I said I been asking for you and she said No One told her. We were both very upset.

She immediately starting helping me. She got my baby stripped down to her diaper, opened my gown and showed me the football hold. DD would not latch at on. She cried and cried. My LC said keep at it.

After 15min DD latched and stayed on 5min. My LC was so nice to me that she gave me her direct cell. She saw me every day for 4weeks, one hour a day. It was not easy.

My milk never came in with a boom like thought it would. DD was 7 7oz at at four weeks old she weighed 6pds even…so I had to supplement more.

My LC kept at our sessions and always told me some breastmilk is better than none. She told me the proof was in the poop.

DD poop was yellow and seedy even with the formula supplement. At 6weeks old after weekly sessions with my LC and constant skin-to-skin nursing and going to to 2 different breastfeeding meets…my DD has the her nursing down pat but my milk still is not up were I can feed her exclusively YET.

She has gained 4pds and weighs 10pds 4oz. I have faith I will get away from the bottles. I can only pump 3 to 4oz of milk at any given time. I try to pump every 2hrs when time permits but I knew baby is best pumper so I try to keep her to the breast.

Also I still skin to skin breastfeed. My journey is far from over. I will keep at breastfeeding until my baby is done. Words of advise to any mom not just a new mom….yes it can be hard, yes you might wanna quit….but keep at it and try to get in some support classes for breastfeeding for the encouragement. I don’t miss a class.

Best wishes to all you moms out there.

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