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Ecological Breastfeeding: Is it Right for You?


Ecological BreastfeedingOne way to naturally prevent pregnancy is by practicing ecological breastfeeding. The likelihood of becoming pregnant during the first three months is almost zero and very unlikely throughout the entire first year. Since the apostolic era, the Catholic Church has encouraged parents to use natural family planning for child spacing using this method instead of contraception.

Common Characteristics of this Method

pregnancy testThe key to the natural child spacing aspect of breastfeeding is frequent and unrestricted nursing:

• Mom and baby are together full-time
• Frequent suckling is necessary
• Breastfeeding on cue (day and night)
• The baby is naturally pacified at the breast
• Co-sleeping is strongly encouraged
• Breastfeeding in a lying-down position for naps and at night
• Utilizing no bottles or pacifiers




Ecological Breastfeeding

Return of Menstruation

The average time for the return of menstrual periods is 14.6 months. Only 7% of moms menstruate within the first 6 months of their baby’s life when practicing this method. 37% start again within the second half of baby’s first year. The rest usually see their period again sometime in their baby’s second year.

Breast feeding moms whose periods return are still unable to get pregnant in the first few menstrual cycles. Those whose periods return later usually ovulate before their first visible cycle.



A great resource to guide you in choosing this natural family planning method is “Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing: How Ecological Breastfeeding Spaces Babies” by Sheila K. Kippley available through Amazon.com.


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