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Tips for Soothing a Fussy Baby



Once fussy babyIf you are a new mom, a fussy baby is one of the last things in the world that you want.  You are already often sleep-deprived, tired, worn-out and just want your sweet baby to look back at you lovingly and not fuss and scream.

Rule Out the Easy Stuff

First, make sure that there is no reason for the baby to be fussy.

  • Does he or she have a clean diaper?
  • Is he hungry?
  • Does she have a fever?
  • Could it be a medical issue like an ear infection?

Once you have ruled out these things, you can be sure that one of the following will probably do the trick to soothe your little one.

Eight Quick Tricks to Calm a Fussy Baby:

Whether it is general fussiness or colic, there are several ways for us to try to soothe a fussy baby.

  1. Tummy massages often work to soothe fussiness. Just lightly rub the tummy until your baby gets quiet.
  2. A ride in the car does the trick for mine. He falls right to sleep. Some moms have used the top of the clothes dryers when they are on. The gentle motion rocks them to sleep.
  3. The baby swings worked on my oldest. She would swing in there for the longest time often falling asleep in the process.
  4. Try feeding more often but lesser amounts. Your fussy baby may just have a hard time digesting larger meals. Don’t force a breastfeeding baby on a schedule that makes her stuff herself.
  5. Make sure to burp your baby after each feeding.
  6. Take your baby for a walk in the stroller. As your baby is watching the world around him, his mind gets off him wanting to fuss.
  7. Try to keep your baby’s environment non-stressful. If there is stress in the home, the babies do pick up on it. They will react by being fussy. The calmer you stay and keep the home the calmer the baby may be. Calming music may help this. Over-stimulation can cause fussiness!
  8. If you are stressed for any reason, then call a relative or other person to take care of the baby until you get yourself together. Go take a shower or go get a massage and chill out. You will be a better calming force for your baby afterwards.

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Calm a Fussy Baby

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