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Having Period While Breastfeeding – Is this Normal?


Is this normal?

Is this normal?

Vistitor Question: My baby is close to 5 months old. Currently, my baby is taken care by my mom and I only bring her home only during the weekends. Everyday at work, I will express my milk for my baby so my mom can feed her in addition to formula milk. I am able to express 4-5oz of milk, about 3 bottles a day.

Since her birth, I did not have my period. Only light spotting during the first 2 months.

However, two weeks ago, I had my period which is quite heavy. It lasted for about 6 days.

My questions:
Is it normal to have period while breastfeeding? Should I still continue to breastfeed?
It is necessary to go for a check-up?

Breastfeeding Magazine Response:

There is no real “normal” time that a period returns. However, because of your separation from your baby and the fact that your baby is not exclusively getting breast milk…it is very normal for your period to return at this time. There is no need to go for an additional check up.

This is also no reason to stop breastfeeding. Some moms get pregnant while breastfeeding and even continue to nurse while they are pregnant.

For more information about getting your period while breastfeeding, see our Menstruation and Breastfeeding page.

Good luck!

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