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Advent Isis pump

No electricity? No problem. These manual breast pump reviews reveal which breast pump brands and models work well and which are not worth buying.

Which pumps have you tried? Avent? Medela? Ameda?

Submit an honest review for each manual breast pump that you have tried! Help other moms sort out the best breast pumps from the ones that are not worth buying!

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Reviews from Other Visitors:

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Avent Isis Manual Breast Pump Reviews
Moms have shared a lot of reviews for the Advent Isis Manual Breast Pump. Read their opinions to find out whether or not this is the best breast pump to buy for you.

Ameda One-Hand Manual Breastpump
Visitor Review: I started using the Ameda One-Hand Manual breast pump after returning my Ameda brand hospital pump. It was initially a little confusing …

Lansinoh Manual Pump Visitor Review
Being a stay at home mom, I didn’t feel the need to spend a lot of money on an electric pump, so I bought the Lansinoh manual pump.

This pump was …

I Almost Gave Up! Isis Manual Pump Review
Knowing I had to go back to work and not wanting to lug an expensive electric pump to and from the office, I tried the Avent Isis manual pump. What a mistake!…

The First Years Natural Deluxe Manual Breast Pump (Visitor Review)
This device was pure torture. If you have larger than a DDD do not use this breast pump model. The fit was uncomfortable and the pumping handle was awkward …

Give Me Electric or Just the Breast! (Visitor Review)
I breast fed my daughter the first three months. Upon returning to work and taking the “breast is best” to heart, I bought a Avent Manual Breast Pump….

Medela Harmony Breast Pump (Visitor Review)
I have successfully breastfed two children and am now feeding baby number three the same way.

However, due to certain changes in my routine, I found …

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