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Try our Mom Chat Opinion Central! Here is where you can talk back, share your ideas and help others with breastfeeding tips, product reviews and more! Come join the fun!

Sit back, grab your favorite drink, and join us for mommy talk that is fun and informative!

Mom Chat Opinion Central

This breastfeeding forum is your place to help others and be helped. It’s your place to share and learn. If you are a breastfeeding mother or soon-to-be one…then you’ll love these mom chat forums.

* It’s great fun!
* It’s totally FREE!
* No need to login
* No registration required
* Everyone is welcome . . .

Join in. Have fun. Help other moms. Visit as many breastfeeding message boards as you want. Ask any breastfeeding question that you might have. Answer anyone else’s questions when you can. Don’t see a nursing topic you’d like to see? Then send us your suggestions, too!

Pick Your Mom Chat Topic!

Best Breastfeeding Tips

Share with us the best breastfeeding tips ever given! Everyone seems to have breastfeeding advice for new mothers, but what tips on breastfeeding were the best for you? Who shared them with you? Share your tips here!

Read other moms tips and share your tips here!

Best Brest Pumps

What’s you favorite breast pump? Medela? Avent? Playtex? Tell us which is best and why!

See breast pump reviews, write your own or vote on the best pump…

Breast Pump Poll and Ratings

Take our “Best Breast Pump Poll”– Our own on-site poll of which breast pump our readers like best!

Vote now and see the current breast pumps ratings and results here…

Your Favorite Nursing Bras

Help a mom out! Who makes the best nursing bras ever? There are so many brands and styles to choose from…let us know what works best for you. Do you like functional or sexy? Find one that is both?

Share it here!

What Breastfeeding Products Do You Love?

Find something no breastfeeding mom should be without? By all means…share it with us! Tell us your favorites and see what great things other moms have found that you might love too!

Join in here!

Breastfeeding Stories

Tell us your story or read honest and touching breastfeeding stories. Tell us your own experience!

Go to Breastfeeding Stories here!

Working Stories and Tips

Have you figured out the secrets to balancing breastfeeding and work? Have you any breastfeeding and working stories to tell or tips to give? Then here is your chance to share with other moms like you!

Go to the Working Moms Page.

Breastfeeding Questions and Answers

Got some breastfeeding questions? Ask us or check out other reader breastfeeding questions here. If you have time…answer another reader’s questions too! Help and be helped here!

Go to the Questions Board.

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