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Breastfeeding Story Submitted by: Melissa C. (NH, USA)

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My new breastfeeding baby is my 3rd daughter who was born just 7 weeks ago.

Although I am a mother of 3, this was my first time nursing.

During my pregnancy, I made a pact to myself that I was going to do this for her as well as for me, and I was going to give it my 100% commitment.

The day she was born, I was filled with elation, and a little fear, would I really be able to nurse my baby, or was I going to fail her? I explained to the nursing staff that my true desire was to nurse my baby and give her what was best. They were extremely helpful in showing me different positions to nurse her, and how to correctly get her to latch on.

Luckily for me, my little one came out knowing what to do. This helped me out tremendously. I have to be honest here though, they will tell you “You’re suppose to feel tugging, not pinching”. While this is true, your breasts are not yet used to the constant suckling from your baby so don’t expect that right away you won’t feel any pinching.

You and your baby are still getting used to each other, it’s a learning experience for the both of you. Your nipples make get sore, they may even crack, but there are products available to ease this and trust me they are well worth it. If i had to say anything to a mom who wants to nurse for the first time, is make a commitment to yourself and your baby and do it for at least the first two weeks.

Any discomfort I experienced lasted the first week and things became better and much easier the second week and I KNEW I could do this. I felt empowered!

The bonding experience with her has been amazing, I have seen her grow and get so big in just the short time she has been with us. Her growing is because of ME, I did this, my body that kept her warm and safe for the last 9 months is now providing her with everything she needs.

Breastfeeding babyMy biggest challenges were, “What if I have to feed her in public?” I soon came to realize, hey when your baby needs to nurse she needs to nurse. There is nothing wrong with it and shame on those that believe otherwise.

Secondly, yes there is a second challenge, and that is, being the sole person nursing my baby. My husband couldn’t do this for me. We needed to share the responsibilities and bonding time in a different way than we had done before. All in all, this is brought us closer together as well.

Good luck to you, this is just a small hurdle to jump over and conquer before you can begin to giving your new breastfeeding baby the best.

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