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Nursing Gown Favorites
A fantastic nursing gown is a breastfeeding mom’s best friend! The last thing you want to do at your baby’s 2 AM feeding is hassle with bunched up clothing. You just want to lie down, pull your sweet baby close to you, relax, be comfortable and nurse.

Here are our very favorite gowns that are not only functional, but also absolutely beautiful!

Aimee Nursing Gown

Aimee Braless Nursing Night Gown

This is one of our visitors favorite nursing night gowns! They love the modern design with a feminine split front to help facilitate easy night time access.

Why else do they love it? The breastfeeding gown holds nursing pads in place…so you don’t have to wear an uncomfortable bra to bed!

Available from Amazon.com


Lace Sleep Set

Lace Sleep Set

This flattering dress with black lace accents is flattering enough to wear even in front of your visitors.

This nightgown and robe set has pull aside breastfeeding access with handy pockets for nursing pads.

To order this Lace Sleep Set for yourself, click here.






Esme Zebra Nursing Gown

Esme Zebra Nursing Gown

Fun, shapely and a lot of sexy, this gown has a little stretch woven in for a perfect night’s sleep. This is functional for nursing your sweet baby and will impress the hubby too! You can even wear it from maternity through nursing…and always look great!

To try this sexy gown for yourself, click here.

Esme Green Nursing Gown

Esme Breastfeeding Gown

Want a comfortable night gown that makes you look and feel beautiful every time you put it on. Then this gown is for you!

The pretty lace trim is soft and stretchy so just pull aside to nurse. You will love it.

Available from Figure8Maternity.


Sleepy Nursing Dress

Sleepy Nursing Dress

Ready to go glamorous and sexy with this fun and flirty sleep dress? It provides superior support without a bra, with a flattering cut that minimizes any post-pregnancy tummy. You’ll never want to take it off!

To see more colors and styles available through Figure8Maternity, click here.





Want a Set of Nursing Pajamas Instead?

We found breastfeeding pajamas that fell in love with too…To see our favorite nursing pajamas, click here.

Can’t find it here? Ebay is a Great Source.


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