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Nursing Necklace



What is a nursing necklace? These necklaces (sometimes called a breastfeeding necklace) are a great additions to any breastfeeding mother’s wardrobe. It can hold a distracted baby’s attention, be safe enough not to break when tugged and look fabulous too!

What are Breastfeeding Necklaces?

They are a safe necklace or piece of jewelry that can be worn by moms with breastfeeding babies.

When little ones turn about three months old they begin to get distracted while nursing and may like to pinch, scratch, poke, and yank mom’s hair while breastfeeding. When wearing a nursing necklace (breastfeeding necklace), you can help your baby’s focus on breastfeeding while encouraging him or her to explore the necklace beads that are appropriate and safe for little hands. They also provide something fun and pretty to grab without hurting mommy.

Why Not Wear “Regular” Necklaces?

These necklaces are designed to be interesting enough to capture your little one’s attention while still being strong enough to be yanked and pulled. Beads are a terrible choking hazard for little ones and when a necklace breaks, it is hard to locate all the beads quickly.

They also alleviate the danger of baby fiddling with mom’s “regular” necklaces. High-quality breastfeeding necklaces are constructed with safety beads and strong cording to insure that when a necklace is tugged that it will give only at the safety bead and not break…leaving you will a mess of dangerous beads all over you and your floor.

What is Available

Although some necklaces are designed for the sole purpose of engaging baby’s attention, there are also some great necklaces designed to be nice enough to be worn just because they are beautiful.

You do not have to have a little one of breastfeeding age to enjoy these fashionable pieces! They also make a great baby shower gifts for the mother-to-be, or a nice gift for a visiting aunt, nanny or grandmother!

Our Store

We have searched for the highest quality mom-run businesses to find you a great selection of favorite nursing necklaces and jewelry that are safe for mothers with small children.

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