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Nursing Pajamas Favorites for Breastfeeding Moms – Our Top Picks



Nursing Pajama Favorites
What nursing pajamas do breastfeeding mothers love? Anything that looks great but is still super comfy, of course! Who wants to have to mess around with scrunched up clothes at your 4AM feeding? No way! You just want to lie down, pull your little darling close to you, relax and nourish your sweet baby.

Here are our favorite pajamas for breastfeeding that are both comfortable and great looking!


Bamboo Caminurse Nursing PJ & Robe Set

Bamboo Caminurse PJ & Robe Set
These three-piece nursing pajamas by are great for breastfeeding moms.   The comfortable cami tops has stretchy full cups designed to fit changing breast size during breastfeeding.

To get a pair for yourself, you’ll find them at Figure8Maternity!


Aimee Breastfeeding Pajamas

Aimee nursing pajamas
These pajamas are a perfect bra-less set. Just cuddle baby close and relax in comfort and style without the need for a nursing bra. You’ll feel pampered by the soft fabric, the flatthttp://www.breastfeeding-magazine.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=809&action=trash&_wpnonce=485d663544ering relaxed fit and the easy-access nursing design. Pajamas don’t get much better than these!

To try this sassy set for yourself, they are available at Amazon.com.


Olian “Anne” Nursing Stripe Cami/Pajama Set with Baby Gown

Olian Stripe PJ Set and Baby Gown
When you actually do have a chance to sleep, get comfortable in style with this Olian cute two-piece set with matching baby gown. The nursing cami has nursing clips for easy breastfeeding access.

What to order a pair? They are available at Amazon.com


Majamas M.J. Nursing Pajamas

Majamas Nursing PJ Set
When you actually do have a chance to sleep, get comfortable in style with this Majamas cute two-piece set. The stylish crisscross top easily pulls away for nursing and even has pockets for breast pads. How perfect is that?

What to order a pair? They are available at Figure8Maternity.com


Belabumbum Dottie Kimono Nursing Tunic & Pant Set

Talk about beautiful! This beautiful set is designed to be worn for maternity or post baby. The kimono top has some support in chest with pull aside access for breastfeeding through the night. How perfect!

Want to look fabulous in these pajamas? Click here.


Looking for a Nursing Gown Instead?

We found breastfeeding gowns that we love too…To see our reader favorite nursing gowns, click here.


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