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Nursing Pajamas Favorites


What nursing pajamas do breastfeeding mothers love? Anything that looks great but is still super comfy, of course! Who wants to have to mess around with scrunched up clothes at your 4AM feeding? No way! You just want to lie down, pull your little darling close to you, relax and nourish your sweet baby.

Here are our favorite pajamas for breastfeeding that are both comfortable and great looking!

La Leche League PJ set

La Leche 3-Piece Nursing PJ Set

These three-piece nursing pajamas by La Leche League are great for breastfeeding moms. They are both flattering and comfortable with unhooking top clips for nursing access all through the night. We love that the shrug lets you have a little more privacy or discretion while breastfeeding. These not only can be worn as PJs but also as a lounge set!

To get a pair for yourself, you'll find them at Figure8Maternity!
Aimee nursing pajamas

Aimee Breastfeeding Pajamas

These pajamas are a perfect bra-less set. Just cuddle baby close and relax in comfort and style without the need for a nursing bra. You’ll feel pampered by the soft fabric, the flattering relaxed fit and the easy-access nursing design. Pajamas don’t get much better than these!

To try this sassy set for yourself, they are available at Amazon.com.

MJ Nursing Pajamas

Majamas M.J. Nursing Pajamas

When you actually do have a chance to sleep, get comfortable in style with this Majamas cute two-piece set. The stylish crisscross top easily pulls away for nursing and even has pockets for breast pads. How perfect is that?

What to order a pair? They are available at NurturedFamily.com.

Wrap Nursing Pajamas

Japanese Weekend
Wrap Pajamas

Talk about beautiful! This sassy set includes a sleeveless wrap top and cropped pant, both trimmed with a lettuce-edge ruffle. Ribbed cotton gives and stretches, so these pajamas are great during as well as after pregnancy. How perfect!

Want to look fabulous in these pajamas? Click here.

Glamourmom Nursing Tank Pajamas Set

Glamourmom Nursing Tank Pajamas Set

Looking for style and comfort? Expect nothing less from this Glamourmom set!

These pajamas will quickly become one of your favorites. The delight is in the flattering fit! You will look good breastfeeding your baby...even at 2 AM!

Available from Figure8Maternity.

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