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Nursing Supplies List – Our Top Ten Favorites



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Nursing Tops and Pajamas

Need lots of nursing supplies? Not really. One of the greatest benefits of breastfeeding is that you don’t need a lot of stuff. God gave you everything you need to provide optimum nutrition to your baby.

However, there are some great breastfeeding supplies that I couldn’t do it without.

Here’s our Top Ten List:


1. Nursing tanks

Stylish, yet very practical, nursing tanks are a must have! They can replace a boring nursing bra because it can be worn underneath or on their own. They are also cut to flatter most post-pregnancy bodies.
If you are looking for great tops,
click here to see where to get our favorites.


2. Nursing Covers

Nursing covers help even the most bashful moms feel comfortable breastfeeding without needing to leave the room. With such stylish covers available…moms can go out in public, discreetly nurse their little ones andlook great!

Click here to see our readers’ favorite covers…

Nursing PJs

3. Nursing pajamas

Since newborns do a lot of eating, you will want easy access breastfeeding at night. This is true whether you are co-sleeping or not. Fortunately, there are so super cute choices out there now.

Want to see our favorite nursing gowns? Click here.

Rather see our favorite nursing pajamas? Click here.


4. Nursing bras

Purchase nursing bras at the end of your pregnancy to get a better idea of the size you will need. Some women don’t change size very much. Others (like me!) get enormous compared to my normal size.

Just remember…just because nursing bras are needed nursing supplies, doesn’t mean they can’t also look fabulous!

Want to know which bras are our favorites? Click here to see them. )

(If you are looking for plus size bras, click here for our five favorites!)


5. Nursing pads

These are like insurance for the breastfeeding mother (especially working mothers who are away from home!) They guarantee that you won’t have an unfortunate wet spot on your cute tops!
For a good choice disposable nursing pad from Medela, click here.)

Or to try LilyPadz (a revolutionary new kind of nursing pad you can even swim in!) get more information here.


6. Breast pump

Don’t be fooled. Not all breast pumps are created equal! Invest in a good one and you will never regret it!
Click here to see our recommended breast pumps.


7. Nursing pillow

These are awesome helps in positioning newborns to nurse! I never had a pillow with my first baby. I received one as a birthday gift when I had my second child. Then I could hardly remember how I lived without it.

Which pillows do we like best?
Click here to find out.

8. Baby carrier (sling or baby wrap)

Earthly Birthy Mama Slings
I had very high maintenance babies. They would not just sit or lay. They wanted mommy! So…I learned about baby-wearing first hand before I even knew what was. All I knew is that it was a necessity for my kiddos. I loved them. I couldn’t have survived their babyhood without my favorite slings!

They also are great breastfeeding cover-ups to help you discretely breastfeed in public.

Click here to see our top ten picks for great slings and baby wraps…


9. Diaper bag

One of the coolest things about breastfeeding mothers is that they can choose their diaper bags based on stylenot just necessity…because we don’t have to fit big cans of formula and tons of bottles. We just need the diapers and wipes and we are good to go!

See the latest fashions in diaper bags in our Breastfeeding Finds blog…


10. Nursing Necklace

If you have ever tried to breastfeeding a teething baby or a distracted toddler, you will understand this one.
Nursing Necklace
Nursing necklaces are a stylish solution for moms to engage easily distracted little ones while they nurse. These necklaces appeal to your child’s senses and are designed to be fun, intriguing, tactile, and stimulating! There are even teething necklacesthat are safe for babies to chew!

Check out our favorites in our Nursing Necklace shop…

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Tauts Post Pregnancy Wrap


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