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Peeky-Boo Nursing Blanket (Visitor Product Review)

by Terri

Peeky-Boo Nursing Blanket

Peeky-Boo Nursing Blanket

If you are always on the go with your baby and desire a little privacy while nursing in public without being relegated to the restroom (ugh!), then you will LOVE the Peeky-Boo nursing blanket!

This breastfeeding cover is so easy to use...just toss the corner containing the removable padded weight over your shoulder and you're ready to go! The blanket stays in place without straps or clips. It is as natural as tossing a blanket over your shoulder, but this one stays put!

Also, it serves as a stay-put cover for a stroller or carseat to protect baby from the elements, a changing pad, and best of all, a beautiful 100% cotton blanket that can be used whether you are nursing or not (just remove the weight)!

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Peeky-Boo Nursing Blanket (Visitor Product Review)

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Feb 28, 2009
Peeky-Boo is Well Worth the Money
by: Meghan

I received the Peeky-Boo nursing blanket and burp cloths from a friend and it turned out to be my favorite nursing blanket as well as my most used burp cloths.

The Peeky-Boo nursing blanket acts as my nursing blanket as well as my son's receiving blanket. As a mom, I appreciate having my one Peeky-Boo nursing blanket (which folds flat) in my diaper bag, serving the purpose of 2 blankets in 1! Having a receiving blanket as well as a seperate nurser (my old one didn't fold up and fit snug in my diaper bag) made the bag heavy and cumbersome! I am all about simplicity and that's why I am sold on the Peeky-Boo!

My Peeky-Boo was put to the test one afternoon while sitting out on the patio at La Madeline on an extremely windy day. The corner weight held the blanket firmly on my shoulder which allowed me to eat lunch with my free hand. It was also nice that the blanket stayed put and didn't offer a peep show to the others on the patio!

The burp cloths are durable and very soft and haven't faded after the many, many washing machine washes!

I am also a big fan of the trendy fabrics, but I guess that is a personal preference!

As an on-the-go Mommy, I am a huge fan of the ease of the Peeky-Boo and I hope this review helps other Moms who are looking for the reliability and simplicity of one blanket in quite a fashionable manner!

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