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Pepto Bismol and Breast Feeding


by Denise Kelley
(Watauga, Texas)

Pepto Bismol and Breast Feeding

Pepto Bismol and Breast Feeding

Visitor Question: I took 30ml of Pepto Bismol (regular) at @1145am, I pumped at @ 400pm. I then realized that that was not a good idea to have taken it. I have dumped what I pumped but am freaking out as to how much longer I should pump and dump. Can you please advise?

thanks from Texas

Breastfeeding Magazine Response:
The Lactation risk assessment is considered an L2 which is fairly safe. Although it is not the safest category…it is not a real danger.

Although it is not recommended for long term use, you can go back to breastfeeding your baby..even after taking Pepto Bismol!

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