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My Problems with Breastfeeding Twins



One mom’s story of problems with breastfeeding twins and
experiencing too many breastfeeding problems one after the other.

Submitted by: Andrea

Problems with Breastfeeding Twins

A tale of my breastfeeding problems that came along with my twins.
Hi, my name is Andrea Edwards and I am the proud mother of 7 month old boy/girl twins. Like many twins they were born 6 weeks premature. They were also born by c-section because I had late onset preeclampsia.

I couldn’t even try to breastfeed right after their birth because the doctor’s put me on a magnesium drip for two whole days, which meant no getting out of bed. And since both of my precious little ones were in the NICU, the nurses couldn’t bring them to me either. So I believe that lack of initial contact and the amount of time before I was able to even try to breastfeed, helped my problems with breastfeeding twins.

To make my breastfeeding problems worse, I didn’t have the correct size breast shields. I needed extra large breast shields due to my large areolas and the hospital didn’t have any in stock for the first 4 days of my week long stay.

I still used the pump every 4 hours even though it was painful. When I tried to breastfeed my babies directly they really didn’t latch on, and since they were so small (3lb 15oz and 4lb 11oz), I didn’t want them to use up too much energy trying to latch on (they would get frustrated, cry, and resist with persistence).

But I didn’t give up yet. Once they came home after two weeks I rented a breast pump from the hospital and still tried to give them the breasts with almost every feeding. But by then my breastfeeding problem was that my milk wouldn’t fully come in.

So after two months of trying every suggestion given to me, I gave up. Between the pumping, and actually caring for the babies, I was a walking zombie getting no sleep.

Maybe if I carry my next baby to full term without many complications after delivery I won’t have the same breastfeeding problems. I truly believe breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for your baby. The bond created, as you repeatedly and lovingly provide nourishment, security, protection from the world’s impurities with your own antibodies, is priceless.

But if for some reason you are not able to breastfeed, don’t feel too bad. Enjoy motherhood to its fullest, even if you aren’t able to breastfeed.

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