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Quitting Breastfeeding


Quitting BreastfeedingQuitting Breastfeeding

Visitor Question: I am having pain with one of my breasts because it has milk in it and not the other and I have quit feeding. What do I do for the pain or engorgement?

Breastfeeding Magazine Response: The more abruptly that you wean a child, the more uncomfortable it will be.

However, it does not last forever. Taking a pain reliever may help. Ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) are anti-inflammatory medications and they can lessen swelling and reduce your pain.

Try also to wear a comfortable bra, avoid bra’s that contain under wire.

You can also alternate warm and cold compresses. Some mothers find that this helps them a great deal.

Just don’t pump or express milk…that will just prolong the process!

Good luck!

Other Visitors: Any other suggestions that worked for you?

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