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Looking for our absolute favorite recommended breast pumps?



Below are our recommended breast pumps…One manual and one double electric breast pump. These are the best ones on the market today.

We realize that there are so many breast pumps out there that it is easy to get overwhelmed. Many women just look at price. I am here to tell you…all breast pumps are not created equal!

So here are our recommended breast pumps and why we like them best:

The Medela Pump-In-Style Original Breast Pump

This pump has been a lifesaver for me! It has actually come down in cost from when I bought it (12 years ago!) A girlfriend recommended it. She had tried others and had trouble with them. I paid $300 for it then. It was worth every penny and then some!

I was consistently able to pump about 12 oz in less than 10 minutes! It is easy to pump and easy to clean. The stylish messenger bag looks professional and is great for traveling or working moms. I loved having the cooler area to hold and store the breast milk and ice packs while I was away from my sweeties. Then I could just head home and store them in the refrigerator.

Medela Pump In Style
My Pump in Style has never needed one repair and has contributed greatly to the care of ELEVEN babies. In fact, my girlfriends are still lining up to borrow it (one is probably using it as you read this!)

You may be tempted to save a few dollars and buy a less expensive pump. Don’t do it…they are not the same…not even close.
Click here for more information or to read reviews of this pump.

Advent Isis Manual Breast Pump

Advent Isis pumpIf you are planning to pump infrequently, you may want to try a manual pump. We recommend the Advent Isis Manual Breast Pump. You will be impressed by the comfort, control and power of this little pump wonder provides. I also liked not being “plugged in” once in a while.

This pump is great in a jam, if you don’t pump very frequently, or for a weekend away. (I also like a manual pump for times that you don’t want the noise of the other pumps!)

Just a note:

In my particular situation, I found that the ease of the “Pump in Style” made me pump a lot more frequently that I would have if I had a lesser or manual pump. The Pump In Style is superior to the Isis in both speed and quantity of milk expressed. (Although this pump is much better than other manual pumps, the Advent Isis manual pump took over 40 minutes to get about 10 oz of breast milk. The same amount took only 10 minutes with my regular Pump in Style pump.)

Click here for more information or to read reviews of this pump.

Why Have Both Recommended Breast Pumps?

Breast pumpThere are definitely times when having the option of both of these recommended breast pumps was helpful. I definitely prefer the Pump in Style because of the speed!

However, there are times when I didn’t really pump to get milk…just to relieve engorgement until I got back home. Then it was nice to throw the manual one in my bag and head out on the town with my hubby (and let grandma and grandpa spoil my kids!)

Still Deciding Which is the Best Breast Pump to Buy?

See our discussion of steps to take to determine what is the best breast pump for you.

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