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Refrigerating Breast Milk Twice?


Breast milk storage bags
Visitor Question: Can you refrigerate breast milk and feed and then refrigerate what the baby doesn’t drink and feed it again?

Breastfeeding Magazine Answer: We would not recommend taking the breast milk and refrigerating it, trying to feed it to your baby and then putting it back in the refrigerator for later.

To avoid “wasting” milk, only take out a few ounces at a time. For example, if you think that your little one may eat 3-4 ounces of milk, only get out 3. Then if he or she needs more, take more out when you know for sure.

If you also freeze your milk, only thaw what you know that you will use.

However, once milk has been given to your baby and he has begun drinking, the unused portion should be thrown away.

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