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Sleeping Positions for Breastfeeding Moms – What is Best?


Mom Sleeping PositionsVisitor Question about Sleeping Positions for Breastfeeding Moms:

I have always slept on my stomach. I have heard that it is not recommended to sleep on your stomach while you are breastfeeding because it can compromise your milk supply. I really do not sleep well on my side or back and just wanted to make sure that I am suffering for good reason. Is it ok to sleep on my stomach, or will it lessen my supply. Thanks!

Breastfeeding Magazine Response:

Many moms have this same concern, but as long as you have a good milk supply, you can probably safely sleep in any position that feels comfortable to you.

Sleeping Positions for Breastfeeding MomsSleeping on your stomach will put some pressure on the breasts (similar to wearing a very tight sports bra.) This pressure can affect your supply.  You will want to experiment at first to see exactly how much it affects you.   Most moms and babies don’t even notice the difference!

Some moms do find that they just can’t sleep their stomachs even if they did previously because it just hurts their breasts or causes them to leak.

Keep in mind:  even if it did decrease your milk production during sleeping hours, your breasts will just produce more during the day to make up for what your child needs. After all, your body was made to meet your little one’s needs and will respond to that.  Your body has an amazing ability to adjust to the perfect needs of your baby!  (It is kind of like having a superpower! )

For most moms, as long as you are not currently having supply issues, flip over to your stomach, your side, your back or whatever lets you get a good night’s sleep! Mommy’s need their rest!!!

Good luck!

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Best Sleeping Positions for Breastfeeding Moms