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Top 10 Slings and Baby Wraps for Breastfeeding Moms



Top Slings and Wraps
Here are our top ten favorite slings and baby wraps for breastfeeding moms based on style, comfort and ease of use.

1. Original Maya Wrap Sling

Maya Baby Wrap Our favorite original sling! One of the most cool, comfortable, and extremely versatile of the baby wraps for breastfeeding moms. • Wear newborns through toddlers in a variety of positions • Made of beautiful hand-loomed, breathable fabrics • Built in pocket for keys, diaper, cell phone etc. • Unpadded, open tail that allows it to easily adjust • Convenient as a nursing cover-up • Fits nicely into a diaper bag or purse How awesome is that? Click here to fall in love with this classic favorite from Amazon.com

2. Peanut Shell Stretch Cotton Sling

Peanut Shell Sling The Peanut Shell is the sling of choice for trend-setting celebrity moms including Brooke Shields and Heidi Klum. Smooth and soft, this stretchy cotton-sateen sling is ideal for hip mommies and daddies alike. Wear it five ways, from the sleeping peanut position to the hip carry, for the ultimate in versatility throughout baby’s first years. The cozy cocoon helps little ones feel snug and secure, especially colicky babies. (Thank goodness for that!) Click here to see colors and styles available.

3. New Native Baby Carrier

New Native Sling If you love the idea of wearing your baby but find that traditional carriers and baby wraps for breastfeeding strain your back or shoulders, consider the New Native Baby Sling. This is the baby carrier Cindy Crawford loves and uses for her babies. Endorsed by chiropractors, it distributes the weight of your baby evenly from your shoulders to your hips, aligning your baby’s center of gravity as close to you as possible. It is easy to use… simply slide the carrier over your torso and slip your baby in or out in seconds. Because this sling is so convenient, you’ll spend more time in close physical contact with your sweet baby. Perfect for us breastfeeding moms, the sling provides support and a bit of privacy. To order your own, click here.

4. Organic Maya Wrap Padded Sling

Hotslings This sling is super easy to use and looks great. Almost like a cool accessory! This lightly padded sling is now available in 100% organic Azo free cotton fabrics. It is absolutely stunning while still be comfortable for both you and your little one! Click here for more great styles and colors available from Nurtured Family.

5. TaylorMade Batik Slings/Baby Carriers

Batik Sling This sling is absolutely beautiful! It is soft, smooth and gets softer with each washing. It is light-weight, and can be worn year round. Stunning deep colors are brilliant on both sides of the fabric. If you want style and beauty…this one is the one for you. To order this cool sling from Elephant King, click here.

6. Moby Wrap

Moby baby wrap Why is one of our favorite baby wraps for breastfeeding moms? Do you like your hands free to do other things? Then the Moby Wrap is an excellent choice. It holds your baby securely and snugly against your body, promoting bonding and leaving your hands free. It’s truly one of the great baby wraps for breastfeeding moms, using no fasteners at all. It grows with your baby from newborn to toddler — just adjust the wrapping method as your child grows. Try one for yourself today!

7. Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carriers

Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier If you like the feminine touch, this one is for you. It is stunning. It also has exceptional support and will not hurt your back like carriers we have tried. Expect to get a ton of compliments wearing it. You will love it!   To check current prices, click here.

8. Baby K’tan Breeze Baby Carrier

Baby K'tan Breeze Baby Carrier We love this sling because it even looks great on daddy! Who knew that one of his coolest accessories would be an awesome wrap with your little baby in it? It comes in several gender-neutral colors so the wrap will look great on both mom and dad right through the preschool years!     For this great sling from Amazon, click here.

9. SlingEZee Baby Sling

SlingEZee Baby Sling This is one of the best looking slings around. Every other mom will ask you where you got it! This is also designed for long term use for those into baby wearing…because it is one of the most comfortable slings available.   For this stylish alternative, click here.

10. Beachfront Baby Wrap

Water mesh sling This sling is even cool in the pool! You can use in the shower, pool or at the beach. The mesh does not absorb water so you can still adjust your sling and not get weighed down. Also, dries quickly. Amazingly it can be used both in or out of the water. How cool is that? Every mom should have one! To order this cool sling from Parent Faves and get free shipping today, click here.

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