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Starting Cereal


by Andie
(New Jersey)

Starting Cereal

Ready for solid foods?

Visitor Question:

Will giving my daughter cereal help her sleep through the night? She is exclusively breastfed and is 4 months old.

Breastfeeding Magazine Response:

The myth that starting solids helps your little one sleep better is an old wives’ tale. Is has been shown to be false by many medical studies. In fact, starting your baby on solid foods or formula to try to make your daughter sleep longer is not a good idea.

Here’s why:

  1. There’s no evidence that it will help. In fact, it may cause other problems like tummy aches or gas that will make her sleep LESS.
  2. Infant formula requires a baby’s digestive system to work harder…which is not as healthy.
  3. It may increase the risks of SIDS in a baby under six months.

For more information on why you may wish to delay starting any solid foods, you may want to visit this Kellymom article on delaying solid food.

Good luck!

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