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Recognizing Thrush Symptoms When Breastfeeding


Recognizing Thrush Symptoms When Breastfeeding

Thrush symptoms seem to occur sooner or later for most breastfeeding moms.

What is thrush?

Thrush is a yeast infection that can cause patches of white in your baby’s mouth and his the tongue. Babies often get thrush when a yeast called Candida, grows out of control because baby’s immune system is not yet mature enough to control the growth of yeast.

Signs and Symptoms

Most breastfeeding moms don’t recognize thrush right away. They may know something is not right, but often blame it on cracked nipples or a fussy baby when it is really thrush. It is important to know the signs and symptoms so you don’t delay treatment.

Here is a listing of some common signs and symptoms that may indicate that you or your baby may have a problem with yeast:

In mom:

  • strong nipple or breast pain that lasts throughout each feeding
  • sudden nipple pain after a painless nursing
  • sore cracked nipples
  • itchy and/or burning nipples
  • shooting pains in your breasts during or after a nursing session (if the yeast has entered the breast milk ducts.)
  • a vaginal yeast infection

In babies:

Baby Thrush

  • Spotty diaper rash that is not responding to normal diaper rash ointments.
  • Small white spots inside of your baby’s mouth or on the tongue  (this over-the-counter medication is VERY effective!)
  • Refusal or reluctance to breastfeed
  • Clicking sound while breastfeeding
  • Gassiness

If You Think You Have Thrush

While there are some over-the counter medications that can help, we would recommend calling your doctor, because both you and your baby will both need to be treated. Breastfeeding moms and babies will pass a yeast infection back and forth between them.

Click here for more information on safe and effective thrush treatment options.

Does Your Baby Have Thrush? LEarn the Baby Thrush Symptoms


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