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Tips for Traveling with a Breastfeeding Baby



Traveling with Breastfeeding Baby

Plan on traveling with a breastfeeding baby soon?  If so, there are things that you can do to make your life easier.  Here are our best tips for travel with a breastfeeding baby…so you can relax and enjoy your getaway with your little one.

Top 10 Tips for Traveling with a Breastfeeding Baby

1. If you will going on an airplane, nurse your baby during both take off and landing to ease ear pressure and make him comfortable.  You don’t want your little ones ears to become sore.

2. Include a change of clothes for both mom and baby in your carry-on. It is better to be safe than sorry. (Don’t forget extra diapers!)

3. Make sure your baby’s diaper is changed right before getting on an airplane, or setting out on your road trip. Public restrooms and airplane bathrooms are can be tiny and not so sanitary.  It is better safe than sorry.

4. Wear a nursing top or bring a nursing cover so that you can breastfeed discreetly even if seated next to someone you don’t know or might be uncomfortable nursing next to without one.

5. Remember to eat well and get the rest you need so that you can maintain a good breast milk supply on the trip.

6. Breastfeeding moms must remember to remain hydrated! So make sure to drink plenty!  Bring an empty water bottle to fill when you pass a drinking fountain.

7. Ask the flight attendant for help if you are flying alone. They are usually happy to assist you or hold your baby if you need to use the restroom or find baby’s things from a overhead bag or get you what you need.  Don’t be afraid to ask.

8. Utilize a good baby carrier or sling. These keep baby close and safe and your hands free both on the plan or in the airport.  (They even double as a good nursing cover for discreet breastfeeding!)

9. Don’t substitute with formula! Breast milk is the most convenient, always ready, naturally sterile and safest way to feed your little one! It also contains immunity factors to help your baby fight germs that are often in the airport or in the stale air of the plane.

10. Get the rest you need. Don’t try to overdo it on your vacation. Remember to relax and rest and ask for help when you need it. Then both you and baby will have a really great trip.

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