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Weaning a Baby that I am His Pacifier



by Lucky

Mommy's little Angel

Mommy’s little Angel

Visitor Breastfeeding Question: I have a healthy son who is 13 1/2 months. Since he turned one(6 weeks ago), I started giving him milk. Initially, he preferred Soy Milk (fortified/vanilla flavored).

He was OK for a few weeks, but now he will only drink diluted juice and breast milk. I’ve since tried different milks, but he drinks very little now.

He never took to bottles or pacifiers, so I never pumped and am a stay at home mom. I believe I have become his pacifier. He has become increasingly needy lately. Lately, he is exploring more, and playing/climbing, when he trips and falls and cries, or even when he is tired and sleepy, he wants his pacifier. He will pull and tug my shirt and scream and cry until he get’s his pacifier. And then he is perfectly content once he get’s his fix.

The doctor says to just distract him. It’s not that easy. She also says that he has not learned to self soothe. So I must put him in his room and let him cry it out. I’m not comfortable doing this, because I have read that babies will feel abandoned and he has established trust and security with me and I could hurt him in the long run.

I really don’t know what to do?? And am not sure what will be best for him. Another thing is we co-sleep and he still wakes up once to twice a night and will suckle for a few minutes, roll over and go back to sleep.

Since he was born, we established this routine, so that it would be easier for me and my husband to get a good nights sleep.

It’s been very difficult weaning him. How can I get him to learn to self soothe?? And get him to drink all his milk? I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer me?? Will he grow out of this? Will it be harder later, if I don’t do something now?

Thank you in advance for your help,


Breastfeeding Magazine Response: Weaning from these things should be a gradual approach.

As you doctor advised, offer distractions to help him find other ways to soothe during the day. Try lots of hugs and love when he is hurt or sad instead of offering your breast each time.

As far as sleeping, we would not give him the option to “snack ” in the night at this age. This just makes his body wake because it thinks that it is time to eat! This may take a few rough nights, but his body will adjust and you will all sleep better!

If he wants to nurse, cuddle and offer to share his favorite snack together! đŸ™‚ He will forget that he even wanted to nurse.

Offer his a mix of foods and drinks and he will get all he needs.

Good luck!


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