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Supporting a Wife Who was a Wet Nurse and Breastfeeding

Kevin's story of support for his wife who was breastfeeding their children and a wet nurse for a friend (Texas, US)

Dad with Baby in Sling

My wife breastfed both of our two children. They never had a drop of formula in their lives! My wife even breastfed a friend's child when she had to go away for a weekend trip.

We believe breastfeeding it the most healthy way to feed a child and is beneficial for both the child and the parents. My wife had unique bonding experiences with our children because of breastfeeding that she would have missed out on if she hadn't.

For me as her husband, I was completely supportive. My only question, early in the first breastfeeding experience, was whether my affection toward my wife's breasts was similar, complimentary or different to what she experienced breastfeeding the children. My wife assured me that it was completely different. I observed that it was different. But I simply needed to know about the feelings she felt breastfeeding in contrast to my affection toward her.

My only other role in the breastfeeding process was in the weaning stage. When my children would cry out for "nee-nee", as they called it, but they were being weaned, I took an active role in comforting them as they adjusted to not having that in their diet and experience. In conclusion, as a father, I was able to be a part of the breastfeeding experience by being supportive and not jealous. I was able to have my own bonding with my children in other ways. And I was able to comfort them as they adjusted to being weaned.

I am proud of my wife for her role as a mother and a friend willing to wet nurse for a friend.

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