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Why Would my Breast Milk Stop?


Why Would my Breast Milk Stop?

Why Would my Breast Milk Stop?

Visitor Question: I am constantly breastfeeding as well as pumping milk – every 4-5 hours about 3-5 ozs in a sitting.

My baby is going on 12 months in a few days, and the last week, suddenly the milk is coming out less and less (no more than 3 ozs if that now) when I express (pump) milk for her nursery/day care feedings.

Please help.

Breastfeeding Magazine Response: Breastfeeding works on supply and demand. Every time you pump or your baby breastfeeds, that tells your body to make more milk. Then your body generally will increase its supply to match what your baby needs.

Pumping or breastfeeding only every 4-5 hours and getting 3 ounces a time is not a lot of demand for your body to know that it needs to make milk.

Waiting 5 hours between breastfeeding or pumping sessions is also just not enough demand to keep your breasts stimulated to signal your body to produce more milk.

If you want to keep breastfeeding, you will need to take some steps toincrease your milk supply like nursing and pumping more often and possibly cutting back on other foods that your child is eating (because if you are only getting about 16 ounces a day…the majority of his or her calories are from other foods.)

You can also try taking an herb called fenugreek that can help your body produce more milk.

Good luck!

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